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1 Bed House, Santana de Parnai­ba
Parking available

Small Rustic House surrounded by nature. There are many fruit trees, pond, where you can fish, enjoy the environment listening to the birds (there are many of them).

Accomodation for up to six - (01 sofa bed and 2 bunks)

01 Bedroom
01 Room
01 Bathroom
01 kitcken

01 TV
01 Refrigerator
01 Stove

Things to do nearby

This house is about 1 mile far from Santana de Parnai­ba Downtown. Where you can find supermarket, drugstore, bakery, bus station, etc.

About the City:
The downtown of Santana de Parnai­ba became very famous and known in Brazil due to its important historical heritage, listed by State and Federal Government, composed by 209 constructions built mostly with rammed earth, among centuries XII and XIX.
Santana de Parnai­ba has a huge area: 176 Km², and since 70´s has been growing quickly, with the implementation of gated communities to high income people, and companies.
Moreover, its growth is caused by its proximity to Sao Paulo and important highways, an attractive point to people who looks for a quality of life and safety.

The owner

Jose augusto
Male from Brazil
Joined 10/01/2014
Speaks English, Portuguese, Italian

Work - Focused on finding and implementing the best solutions for sustainable construction by researching new technologies. Hobbies - Play drum, play soccer, read and gardening.

House sourrounded by nature near Sao Paulo


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