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3 Bed House, São Paulo
Parking available

The house has one kitchen, 2 bathrooms, and a big living room. At the second floor the house has 2 rooms with closet.
There is a parking for one car, a big balcony with a barbecue available to do barbecue.

Things to do nearby

At the street of the house there are a lot of options to buy anything, because at the street are: supermarket, bakery, restaurant, different kind of stores and some pubs.
The district is very save and there is a police department near the house.
The house is near the stadium, is like 30 minutes on foot from the house to the stadium.
On the street of the house there is a bus that take the persons to downtown and to many places at the city.

The owner

Male from Brazil
Joined 21/01/2014
Speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese

Any person that want a house near the stadium, and a people that want to have a very pleasant days at São Paulo

It's a very good house, very near the stadium


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