About this listing

3 Bed Apartment, São Paulo
Parking available
House swap available

Two internal rooms and one outside. About 105 m2 and a big covered parking avaliable.
All goods will be avaliable, having option to deal to own about any need!
It is a familiar build and high top location.

Things to do nearby

From this place, you take train and bus exactly beside it.
The stop station, belonging to named "furafila" (similar to BRT), is 50 metters from there!!!

The point is in the middle of two more important São Paulo airport, being about 15 min from Congonhas Airport and 30 min from Cumbica (Guarulhos) Airport.

The owner

Aureo ribeiro
Male from Brazil
Joined 18/03/2014
Speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese

I am the owner and my place is empty, ready for you, Just contact me and we can reach the best dealt! In front my build, is placed the Air Force HQ in São Paulo, bringing more security to place and around it.

My place is located in the best point in São Paulo


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