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2 Bed Room, Recife
Parking available

The suit has a double bed, a tv, a rack, a fan, wifi conection, a wardrobe and a window. The apartament has three bathrooms, you can use any of them. The apartament also has a stove, a microwave oven, a refrigerator and all that common furniture. The apartament building has two elevetors and security guards 24 hours. It's not an expensive apartament by the sea, instead it has security, you can take the bus just a 5 minutes walk and the subway 10 minutes walk. The neighbourhood has many restaurants (including in front of my apartament building), drugstores, a Shopping Center just two blocks away (3 minutes walk). There's also a gas station and hospitals nearby. It's really a strategic location! There are also many Recife must-sees around! If you take it, you have always me to help you all. We're renting just the bedroom, but don't worry, the apartament is yours. We want to make you fell like you're home. If you want to have a good breakfast with no need to get out home, we can to prepare it with a little food tax.

Things to do nearby

There are many restaurants around here, prove their tastes. There's also a Shopping Center nearby, if you need something, just go get it there. Recife Antigo and Marco Zero are one of the most beautiful places in Recife, go see it, it's just ten minutes drive or by bus. Do you prefer to walk? No problem, you get there in twenty minutes. Any doubt? You can talk to me! I'll be glad to help.

The owner

Male from Brazil
Joined 12/04/2014
Speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese

I'm friendly, quiet and neighbourly. I'll help you as much as I can. I can take you guys to the bus stops, subway or anywhere that you need to get. Ultimately, I just want to be helpful and show you the beautiful city I live in.

Suit downtown in Recife, near bus stops and subway


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