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4 Bed Apartment, São Paulo
Parking available

This apartment has 60m², can accommodate 4 people to WORLD CUP, localized in Vila Olimpia ( Itaim Bibi) near Pinheiros River, this is beautiful and safe neighborhood of São Paulo with a nice landscape of the window. This apartment has:
- 1 living room
- 1 dinner room
- 2 bedrooms
- 2 bathrooms
- 1 laundry
- 1 kitchen
- 1 pool
- Parking with valet full time

Things to do nearby

- 13 minutes from Congonhas airport
- 40 minutes from Guarulhos airport
- Front of bus station
- 2 minutes from subway/train station or 12 minutes on foot
- 40 minutes from ARENA SÂO PAULO stadium – WORLD CUP STADIUM
- The same quarter than bakery and Markets
- The Same street than ATM
- 4 quarters than Starbucks, this neighborhood has many food places like stake house, Italian food, Chinese food, vegetarian food, Portuguese food, Brazilian food
- 2 quarters than drugstore
- 2 minutes from Shopping Vila Olimpia
- 5 minutes from shopping JK Iguatemi SP
- 11 minutes from Brazilian central park, IBIRAPUERA, where are Oscar
- Niemeyer Architect arts.
- 20 minutes from the most famous SP avenue – Paulista Avenue, where is localized MASP ( Art Museum of SP)
- 20 minutes from the night SP street, Augusta st., where has Pubs and other crown places
- 10 minutes from most international and national nightclubs
- 15 minutes from Vila Madalena ( Vila Mada) where is art gallery, o beco do batman ( street of art wall, nice pubs, many good restaurants
- 25 minutes from old center of São Paulo, where is the Sé’s Cathedral, The Municipal Market, The Municipal Theater
- 15 minutes from Italian neighborhood BIXIGA e a 20 minutes from Japanese LIBERDADE

The owner


Come to São Paulo City celebrate the World Cup!


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