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6 Bed House, Belo horizonte
Parking available

-Spacious home located in Lagoa Santa near Confins International Airport(CNF) - 30 minuts from Mineirão stadium.
-Cozy Bedrooms, high sellings, full kitchen.
- Quiet area near a wonderful lake, restaurants, parks and waterfalls such as "Serra Morena and "Cachoeira do Tabuleiro" and "Gruta da Lapinha"
- Safe area(no favelas or sketchy people around)
- Parking.
- BBQ area
- The area has over 1.000 sq/m full of green, with exotic animals such as green parrots, beautiful birds, little monkeys and amazing neighboors.

Things to do nearby

Yes, there´s public transport that leads you to Mineirão Stadium
Bank Branches
Shopping Malls
Bus station
10 minuts from Confins Airport - 30 min drive from stadium(less if theres no traffic) the house is only 21km away from Pampulha.

About Me: Portuguese/Italian Host. Large experience with costumer service. Worked for over 8 years in hospitality ind., hosted George Bush and Miss Barbara B. during events in Canada, Nicole Kidman and all the VIP crew in Brazil and Canada. Lived in Europe. France Germany SW and Italy.
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Beautiful and Sapacious house for games in Brazil.


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